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About us – Hindmaan magazine

India is a country that has a large population. The cultural diversity is equally staggering. A deluge of people in every corner, from every corner. That is the signature beauty of India. But that also has the potential to become the reason for our downfall, if not utilised wisely. India is a democratic system. Hindmaan was launched as a platform to voice the opinions of the common people who are the core of our democratic system. It was founded in May, 2016 by a group of enthusiastic young individuals still in their college. We aim to give you news related to various topics like – international, national, technology, fashion, politics, travel etc. But we wish to present it in an untarnished manner. No political institution or figure has any stronghold over us or our thoughts penned down. We will continue to serve the nation and fulfil our duty towards it by making the common people more aware of their rights and duties. This in turn will enable them to form better governments who can steer this country towards a brighter future.

With your support, within a very short span of time, we are already well established in cities like Patna, Chennai, Vellore etc. With your support and contribution, we wish to serve the country the best we can and contribute our part towards our motherland.

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